A physicist and the
Clues to the origin of the lunar atmosphere from observations of a total lunar eclipse
Science / 26.6.1996
The mass of a planet is the quantity that determines the formation of an atmosphere. The massive outer planets of our solar system have huge atmospheres of hydrogen, helium, ammonia and methane. …
Book review Telescopes and Techniques
Science / 1.6.1996
Christopher R. Kitchin: Telescopes and Techniques. An Introduction to Practical Astronomy. Springer Verlag, London 1995. pages. Softcover 39,00 DM. ISBN 3-540-19898-9 …
Influence of the phases of the moon on global temperatures
Science / 1.6.1996
**Throughout history, many societies and individuals have believed that the moon has an influence on weather and climate. In fact, scientists have observed a correlation between rainfall variations, thunderstorm frequency, daily pressure fluctuations, hurricanes, cloud cover and the phases of the moon. …
X-ray diagnostics on pinch plasmas with CCD
Science / 8.3.1993
Lecture given at the Spring Conference of the DPG 1993 in Greifswald A. Tusche1, R. Lebert1, D. Rothweiler1, M. Krumrey2, W. …