Category Photography
Year 2023
Symphony of light, colour and time
I've been a hobby photographer for not so long and my life's journey is now filled with thousands of pictures, stories and memories. Photography is more than just a passion, it is a way of seeing the world. It makes it possible to capture moments that would otherwise be lost in the constant flow of time.
Absorption and emission
My approach to photography is both intuitive and technical. While I'm looking for the right light, the appealing composition and the nice moment, I also allow myself to defy the rules of technique when my instinct tells me to. Because in the end, photography is about more than just perfect shots and compositions - it's about capturing a moment, a mood, a story. It mixes with the echo of my work as a physicist. The principles of shadow and reflection, absorption and emission, they all come to life the moment I press the shutter.

Space, space travel and science fiction are other passions of mine, and they find their way into my images. They broaden the horizon of my photography, make me think beyond our human possibilities and remind us that we are part of a larger universe.

Participating in photography workshops has always been a double pleasure for me. On the one hand, it is the opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills, to exchange ideas with like-minded photographers and to learn from their experiences and perspectives. On the other hand, these workshops allow for intensive photo journeys, immersion in new cultures and environments, and the opportunity to discover new and inspiring subjects. It is an enriching exchange in which I currently learn much more than I can contribute. Each workshop is a unique journey, filled with discoveries, challenges and valuable insights - both in terms of photography and life itself.