A country song from Germany? That may sound unusual at first glance, but if anyone manages to surprise us, it’s probably Olli Dittrich. With his song “No No Never”, he has managed to do just that. The song is catchy and simply fun. You can’t help but nod along to the rhythm and keep the melody in your ear.

The biggest joke of all, however, is that this silly band is actually supposed to represent us at the Grand Prix in Athens ( song on YouTube ). Well, either we Germans haven’t found our sense of humour yet or we’re proving that we have a real sense of humour, I’m still not sure. But one thing is for sure: “No No Never” is a catchy tune that won’t disappear from your head any time soon.

Perhaps it is precisely this combination of unexpected genre and humorous elements that makes the song so captivating. You wonder what’s coming next. And yet, or perhaps precisely because of this, you find yourself singing along loudly: “No no never, no no never, no no never gonna give you up!”.

Maybe we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously and just enjoy the moment. Perhaps it is precisely this courage to be unconventional that characterises us Germans. Perhaps we should recognise the humour in the fact that we are competing in the Grand Prix with a country song of all things. Or perhaps it’s simply the joy of fun music that lies behind it all.

The main thing is that it’s fun and touches us in some way. With this in mind, let’s enjoy the moment, with a wink on our lips and the melody of “No No Never” in our ears. Yes, yes ever.

Well, last but not least, the song reached 14th place out of 24.

Addendum: Fun fact, the name “Texas Lightning” is US slang for an insurance fraud caused by arson. In German, one speaks of a “hot clean-up” („Heiß-Sanierung“). However, the band didn’t know this when they gave themselves their name.