For me, “Battlestar Galactica” has taken science fiction entertainment to a whole new level. In my opinion, the pilot film of this brilliant new edition is one of the best sci-fi films of recent years. It impresses with its profound fidelity to reality, as far as that is possible in science fiction, and its merciless suspense.

With a breathtaking surprise attack, the Cylons set a terrifying premise: the almost complete annihilation of civilisation. Only the battleship Galactica and a small fleet of civilian spaceships, loaded with thousands of refugees, survive the inferno. This scenario unfolds a gripping drama that keeps me in suspense throughout.

For me, the characters are the centrepiece of the series, portrayed with impressive depth and detail. They are not flawless heroes, but authentic and complex personalities who make mistakes, face moral dilemmas and often have to make uncomfortable decisions. These human, often broken characters bring an intensity to the series that I don’t always find in science fiction.

I was also fascinated by the visual aesthetics of “Battlestar Galactica”. The space battles are staged with a cinematic brilliance that gives the impression that they were shot with a hand-held camera. Instead of relying on exaggerated laser effects, the series scores with a depiction of space battles that puts me right in the middle of the action. Neither passing space gliders nor the muzzle flashes of other ships can be heard, just as it should be - it only gets loud when something crashes into the hull.

Overall, I was overwhelmed by the pilot film of “Battlestar Galactica”. It is a gripping and visually impressive experience that, for me, has raised the bar for future productions.